Born from a love of website and store design, Merchable is aiming to become the perfect platform for fan artists to sell their merchandise. What is it and what makes it different?

Small Fee, No Commission

Merchable is available for a flat monthly subscription of £5, or annually for £50.1 Once your subscription is paid, that’s it – 100% of your store’s sales go straight to you. We don’t take a penny extra.

Open Source Shopping

Merchable stores are built on top of WordPress, with a feature rich & completely open source eCommerce backend called WooCommerce; allowing for complete control over your products and how they are marketed.

Ready To Go, Right Away

All Merchable sites come with Google Analytics as standard, as well as integrations with 3 common payment gateways – Paypal, Stripe, and Amazon Pay.

Accessible Wherever You Are

The custom-built Merchable app2 is free for you to use, giving you the power to manage your store from wherever you are.

Reliable Server System

Merchable uses Google’s Compute Engine for hosting, which provides a 99.99% uptime rate alongside super-fast network connections.

For Whatever You Sell

Whether it’s physical items or digital downloads, Merchable can handle both; with in-depth stock control and variant products, every item you sell will be on permanent display.

And Wherever It Sells

With a built-in converter that pulls live data from Google Finance, you can let your customers choose what currency they pay with.3

Multiple Users

More than one person in your team? No problem – everyone gets their own login to your store. No more sharing details!

Secure From The Start

Merchable ships with domain-wide SSL by default so your customers know they are safe from the second they access your site.


You’ll get a free domain, and we support custom CSS styling to make your storefront truly unique.
1 Subscription fees are $7 a month or $65 annually for US customers.
2 Only available on Android, with plans to expand to iOS in the future.
3 Limited to two currencies, with plans to allow unlimited in the future.

Interested? Register for Merchable, and your first month is free.